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Trying to Get Pregnant While Still Nursing?

J.B. asks from Colorado Springs

I have a wonderful little man who is just about 6 months old and my husband and I want to have another one. I know it may sound crazy, but we want our kids somewhat c...


Confused About My Relationship and Newly Pregnant

M.M. asks from New York

I feel ashamed and guilty about the lack of feelings I have for the man that will be the father of my baby. I am only 6 weeks pregnant. Near the time of conception ...


Seeking a Good Ob/gyn in Naperville Area and Its Surroundings

R.S. asks from Chicago

I am now pregnant with my 3rd child, and have had a hard time trying to find a good doctor in the naperville area. I lost my second pregnancy, and am considered some...


Problem with Mother in Law and Sister in Law

M.M. asks from Wichita

I need help coping with my very hateful mother in law and sister in law. My husband and I are celebrating our 9Th anniversary this fall. Ever since my husband a...


Perfect Timing?

M.S. asks from Houston

I am 6 months pregnant (1st time mom!), due on June 14 and graduating with my BS in May. I am really excited about both being a mom and graduating college. It seems l...


Kell Antibody

J.C. asks from Baton Rouge

Hello Mamas, I am prenant (8 weeks) with our second child. Our first pregnancy was easy and wonderful, and our daughter proved to be easy and wonderful. She is n...


Stories About Invitro and Single Parenting

S.S. asks from Syracuse

My sister has been unable to find a partner and has decided to have a child on her own. I want to support her 100% percent, but I am struggling to come to terms with ...


Seeking a New Ob/gyn That Deals with High Risk Also Who Is One on One

K.M. asks from Detroit

Hello moms i am looking to switch my ob/gyn. I don't want to but need to because I don't want to deliver in bfe. I really like my ob but he switched hospitals after m...


Braxton Hick Contractions - NON-STOP

T.C. asks from Boston

My wife and I discovered we were expecting after taking a pregnancy test in early November '08. This is her very first pregnancy. My wife is not doing so good due to...



G.P. asks from State College

I am 22 weeks pregnant with my first child. She wasn't planned at all but I'm very excited and cannot wait for her to come into the world. My problem is that I'll be...