Preparing Dad: First Response

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Husband Going Out Late and You're Staying Home.

K.N. asks from Dallas

I am expecting my first child and I am trying to adjust to a family life style. Normally, I don't mind my husband going out but since the pregnancy, it bothers me. Ho...


Child Custody (Unwed Mother) and Breastfeeding in Colorado

B.B. asks from Pueblo

I am a single, unwed, pregnant soon to be mama. It was a drunken one night stand. I told him I was pregnant. We tried dating, he didn't talk to me for 2 weeks then pr...


Explain a Doula

C.N. asks from Chicago

I had an extremely easy pregnancy the first time around. Now as I plan for round two I am trying to understand what a Doula does. I understand that they provide sup...


How Do I Let Go When She Is Ready and I Am Not

J.T. asks from Pueblo

Hello all other moms, A year ago I made the move from San Diego to freezing Colorado to take care of my mother, who was diganosied with colon cancer which spread t...


Help with Daughters Who Only Want Mommy for Everything

T.M. asks from Philadelphia

I would like to know if anyone else has this problem. My girls (4y and 21mo) only want me to do everything for or with them. I work from home 3 days a week and go i...



C.C. asks from Boston

I'm 6 months pregnant and very young lately I've been feeling sad and feel left out because all my friends including boyfriend are going out drinking and having fun. ...


Im Lost and Scarred and Need Some Help!!!!!

J.C. asks from Dallas

Ok here is the story im 31 today....and i had been w my first love for 11 years got married finally (thought it woulr reconnect us) it didnt he didnt care where I was...


Seeking Advice on Grandmother-to-be

M.C. asks from Boston

My husband and I are expecting our first baby in August and our ultrasound is later this week. My family is coming into town for the ultrasound and I spoke with my mo...


C- Section Terror

L.S. asks from Austin

I just found out that my baby is breech, and i'm having a c-section next tuesday. I'm scared b/c don't know what to expect. My mind was on natural birth. I don't k...