Preparation: Steroids

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Going into Labor

I am having my first baby. I went to the doctors office about 3 days ago and thats when my doctor cheaked me and said i was three centimeters and said I was softening. My doctor told me she expected my baby to be here within a week! I am now eighteen and im almost 38 weeks. Im going crazy waiting for my baby to get here! Every day i expect here to come but i just dont understand why I havnt had contractions or went into labor. Idont really understand what dialating is and why i havnt anymore that i know of besides the three centimeters the...


Is Labor Imminent?

You'd think that since I'm in the home stretch with baby #3, I'd know what...

Birth Plan

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Should Newborns Be Given Steroids?

I know this sounds like a dumb question, but here is what happened: My second daughter was born last week. The day of her birth, the pedriatic nurse said that my daughter wasn't breathing as well as she'd like, probably because there was inflamation in her nose from procedures after the birth (personally, I thought it was because the maternity room we were in was hot, dry, and stuffy.) The nurse said a dose of the glucocorticosteroid, prednisolone, in my daughter's nose should clear up the inflamation and return her breathing to normal...