Preparation: Puppets

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Another God Question

Ok, so my last post got too long, so I am following up here. So many who responded earlier said I get to pick what I believe and one responder compared it to politics (which I liked the analogy btw). She commented that everyone in her church doesn't necessarily vote the same way she does, there are liberals, conservatives and all in between in the mix in her church, yet they all believe the same idea about God and that doesn't change things. Well here is the thing...there is a big difference in believing in God and having our opinion...

Preparing Siblings

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Seeking Advice on My Soon-to-be New Addition

I am a SAHM of my beautiful daughter, who will be one at the end of February. My husband & I are expecting our second daughter at the end of May. Any advice on how to prepare my daughter for the arrival of her sister? She is recently beginning to go through a "mommy phase" (as I call it), where all she wants is me (even if its just to follow me around the house while I work). If I am not in the room, she gets very upset & screams, even for my husband. I know that I will be spending alot of time with the new baby & I don't want her to...


1St Time on Bus

I just signed my son up for kindergarten. I am really scared though because...


Need Car Trip Ideas!

Hey Ladies! We will be traveling for the holidays, taking an 18 hour car...