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Pregnant or Not?

K.N. asks from Grand Junction

I know the only real way to know if you are pregnant is to get the test.. my question is .. Can you tell you are pregnant within the first few days of conceiving? I ...


Could I Be Pregnant?

S.G. asks from Waterloo

My cycle is normally about 28 days, but I've never been real regular. I went through a period of about a year when I didn't get a period at all because of the birth ...


Am I Pregnant?

S.T. asks from New York

Hi All, My Husband and I decided for having a second baby only day after yesterday and that night we had unprotected sex but as soon as a little semen went into me a...



N.R. asks from Chicago

Hello ladies. I am 14 weeks pregnant and experiencing lower back pains and cramping. I've experienced the cramping throughout my pregnancy so far, and did experienc...


Which is the most accurate pregnancy test while nursing?

C.S. asks from Phoenix

Hi I am several days late on my period (I am on my 37th day) and feel a tad nauseous all though I am not receiving a positive on a home pregnancy test. I haven't had...



T.M. asks from New York

I'll be turning 40 in December and hubby & I have been talking about having another baby. I had a miscarriage back in 2007 and I'm deathly afraid of another. I know t...


Could I Be Pregnant?

L.G. asks from Jacksonville

So, my husband and I had sex and were both well aware that pregnancy was a possibility which was fine with both of us. I was convinced that I was so I took hpt which ...


Could I Be Pregnant?

K.H. asks from Indianapolis

I really dont want to get a pregnancy test to find out, but I wasnt able to afford my birth control for a few weeks and when I did get I was going to wait until I sta...


Am I Pregnant?

T.P. asks from Houston

Ok so friday i started bleeding and then on sunday it just stopped. Then i bleed a little monday afternoon and now (tuesday) nothing. My period isnt due to start unti...


Pregnant or Not????

A.M. asks from Detroit

Hi i was wondering if anyone has taken pregnancy tests that have come out negative but then turn out preggo??? i am a little over a week breasts are sore a...