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Weight After Pregnancy

K.A. asks from Lancaster

After having my first baby I was very eager to get back into shape. After a few months of working out and eating healthy I am now a few pounds less than before I had...


17 Year Old Step-daughter Pregnant

J.H. asks from Lawton

I am new to the mamasource community, but I need all the advice I can get. My 17 year old stepdaughter is pregnant and I am having a very hard time dealing with ...


Looking for Pre/postnatal Bellydance Lessons in Cincinnati Area

A.S. asks from Cincinnati

I am looking for a prenatal bellydance class near Cincinnati. Also, I am looking for videos, websites, books, articles, and contact information with anything related...


Seeking Gift Ideas for SIL Pregnant W/twins About to Go on Bedrest.

H.J. asks from Boston

Does anyone have any good ideas for a woman who is about to go on bedrest and having twins? Does bedrest usually mean laying down? Should I look at pillows that wil...


Son Constantly Hitting Little Sister

E.C. asks from Eugene

Help! Son is constantly hitting, pushing, tripping, squeezing, sitting on top of daughter whenever he wants attention for ANYTHING -- hungry, potty, sleepy, wants dv...


Spotting at 11 Weeks

K.J. asks from Portland

I am currently 11.5 weeks into my second pregnancy and this morning I had some light spotting. It hasn't been constant all day and is brownish/pink rather than red, ...


Bed Rest

K.F. asks from Chicago

I am 31 weeks pregnant and after a scare with pre-term labor, I am on home bed rest until the baby arrives. The problem is that I will not be able to attend our birt...


Need Third Party Input on Marital Issue

L.J. asks from Denver

First of all, let me say that I plan on letting my husband read this and all of the responses I get. For this reason, I ask you to keep your responses non-inflammato...


Preparing My Daughter for a Sibling

A.G. asks from Reading

My daughter is 22mos old. I am currently 23 weeks pregnant, due October 22. My concern is, how do I prepare my daughter for the new arrival. There is still so much...


Weight Loss and Sleep

J.C. asks from Albuquerque

I am a stay at home mom of a 2 month old little boy. I want to start trying to lose my pregnancy weight and don't know how to start. I've heard so many different thin...