Pregnancy: Toddler, Exersaucer

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What Next After Exersaucer?

Our almost 9mos old son seems to be getting bored w/his exersaucer. He can't walk yet so we like using it because it keeps him upright for a while after eating (he's still a big spitter). But we've noticed that he's not as interested in the toys on it anymore. I know you can buy new ones which we could do. But I'm wondering if anyone can suggest another similar product for his age or the next "thing" for him. If you can recommend any new exersaucer toys that your child likes that we should purchase, I'd be interested in hearing about...


Pregnant or Not?

We are trying for number 2. I am 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test...

Baby Shower

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Exersaucer or Jumperoo?

We would like to buy an exersaucer or a jumperoo for our little guy. He'll be 4 months soon. He likes to "stand" and is pretty active, so I want something that will get him some exercise and be entertaining. He's also pretty tall (80% percentile), so I'm hoping some of you moms can give me an opinion on which ones are good for taller babies. I don't want him to grow out of it too quickly! Any recommendations would be appreciated.


Walker V. Exersaucer

Ladies, our five month old loves to "stand" and to "pedal his feet". He...