Pregnancy: Toddler, Enfamil

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Enfamil or Similac

Hi ladies, I am wondering if any of you have had the experience of using both of these brands and can help me make a decision on which to go with. I used Similac Isolmil Advanced with my daughter but just read a study that the Enfamil ProSobee Lipil has higher levels of nutrients in it than the Similac. I am so used to the name brand Similac that using something different worries me without some input. If any of you could share your experiences with me I would appreciate it! Also, just in case, I am not at all against breast feeding and...


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Do You Use Similac Soy Formula or Enfamil Lipil?

When I was pregnant I signed up for every mailing list and freebie I could, subsequently, Enfamil and Similac send me free product samples from time to time. My son uses regular Similac, so I have 1 8oz can of Similac Isomil Soy formula- exp. 10/2010, 1 12oz can of Enfamil Lipil-exp 11/2008, and 1 12oz can of Enfamil Next Step Lipil-exp 6/2009. All are still sealed and have been sitting in my pantry. I hate to just throw it out when those cans cost $13 or more at the store, but we'll never use them. I am in the Fenton/Arnold area. If you...

Labor & Delivery

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4 Month Old Hates His Bottle, Help!

I've heard of "bottle wars" before and now I have my own at home. Our 4 month old son had been taking his formula just fine until about a week ago. He hates it! We give him Enfamil. He will suck all of his fingers like crazy and cry of hunger but will not take the bottle. He will take a little bit sometimes if he is sleeping. Because I wasn't nursing him exclusively I now don't have sufficient to satisfy him.. I feel so bad. I don't blame him.. I haven't tried the formula but by the smell, it can't taste good. Any ideas? Are there tasty...