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Anxiety in Pregnancy

N.O. asks from Richland

I have suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I have been on and off of more medications than I can count, usually with the same result - it either mak...


Pregnancy Pains

J.B. asks from Houston

Hey moms, This go round I am dealing with a few more aches and pains of pregnancy it seems. Maybe I just forgot from last time, not sure. But anyway, yesterday I w...


Pregnancy Pillows

N.E. asks from Honolulu

I am only 16 weeks, but showing like i did when i was 6 months preggo with my first! For the past week i've been putting off buying a pregnancy pillow. We currently h...


Sleeping While Pregnant

J.N. asks from Lexington

I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I have a 32 month old son. Do any of you know which side we are supposed to sleep on while pregnant? I toss and turn all night and I'm par...


Pregnant with Heartburn

A.F. asks from Houston

For those ladies who have been through it in the past 2 years or so only, please - information changes way too rapidly to bother with anything past that... What is...


Migraines While Pregnant

J.S. asks from Dallas

Ok my sister is in desperate need of your help. She is about 6 weeks pregnant and has a migrain going on 4 days now. Sleeping has not helped at all. Her doctor put...


Pregnant with Cold

A.S. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone.. so i'm 15 weeks pregnant and starting to get a cold... Anyone have any tips to help me out to make things a little easier and feel better? I will not ta...


Pregnant with Allergies

L.M. asks from Austin

HELP!! I am miserable I am 15 weeks pregnant with #2, I have just gotten over the constant nausea and now this. My allergies are killing me, I know Benydryl is safe, ...


Pregnant Looking

S.W. asks from Cincinnati

I am 29 and have given birth to three kids. They are 6, 3, and 6 months. They were not little babies, sizes 7 lbs 4 oz, 9 lbs 4 oz, and 8 lbs 12 oz. The trouble is...


Not Pregnant, Now What?

D.L. asks from Santa Barbara

So, I am not pregnant. I got my period, but now I am really struggling to find out what should I do. My husband is a great father, our kid loves him so much. He prefe...