Pregnancy: Robeez

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Which Brand Toddler Sized 'Crib' & Soled Shoes Run the Largest for Chunky Feet?

Hi Moms, Which BRANDS of all leather shoes & soled shoes run the widest and tallest (my little one has wide and tall from bottom to top of the feet) that do NOT have elastic such as Robeez. I just purchased a pair of Pediped 'Ethan' all leather shoes for my 13 month old. I personally didn't like the 'Ethan' style but they were the only ones that fit the rounder feet. For now I really like the crib shoes but am sure we will be moving into soled shoes very soon which is why I am looking for a recommendation for both. Thanks! :o)


Gift for a New Mom

My co-worker just had her baby on 7-7-07 after a stressful pregnancy. Mom...

Baby Shower

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Best Baby Shower Gifts and Ideas for Games

I have a two-part question as my mom and best friend have started to plan my baby shower. First, what were the best and worst gifts you received at your baby shower, or in other words, what should I be SURE to have on my registry, and what could I do without? Secondly, does anybody have any fun or unique ideas for baby shower activities? Something beyond the typical baby games that leave most of the attendees bored to tears by the end of the day?