Pregnancy: Princess

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Second Pregnancy Showing...

C.C. asks from Fayetteville

I am currently 5 weeks prego with my second child. I was just curious as to when most of you all started showing on your second. Some of my close friends started show...


My 23 Month Princess... Not Sleeping in Need Advice!

J.D. asks from Washington DC

My daughter is on a new kick. She wakes up everymorning at 3-4am and will not go back to bed/sleep unless I get into bed with her. We have tried to keep her up late...


Weaning 14 Month Old Picky Princess

A.T. asks from Stockton

my 14 month old daughter stopped drinking breastmilk from bottles at 5 months old. She drinks water and juice from a sippy cup, a normal cup and even a straw. She w...


14 Month Old& Positive Pregnant test..confused:/

A.M. asks from San Francisco

I have been feeling very sick since a week ago.. so last night i took a test and its positive.. i think its too soon for another baby but what is there to do?.. we fe...


Updated-To Terminate a Pregnancy or Not.......

C.A. asks from Atlanta

I'm not going to repost my original if you want to go back and read you are more than welcome but I know there were alot of ladies here following my post and I just w...


Pregnant Mom on Bed Rest Looking for Things to Do with 4 Year Old. HELP!

D.R. asks from Chicago

I am 36 weeks pregnant and have been on-and-off bed rest for 3 months. I am looking for things to do with our fabulous 4 year old daughter - inside or outside. I am o...


Good Costumes on Holloween for Pregnant Belly :) Suggestions Please

K.V. asks from Phoenix

Can anyone help me pick a cute costume for Holloween. I am due Christmas day so will have pretty good belly going come Holloween. I love dressing up but dont know wh...


Is Anyone Else like This or Am I Just CRAZY?!

K.E. asks from Jacksonville

Ok, so I am a lot like my mother: a worrier. We worry about everything, especially our health. Now, I am usually really good at knowing when something is wrong with...


Cruising with 20 Month Old to Alaska

G.L. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, My husband and I are taking a 10-night cruise to Alaska with our 20 month old son. We'll be on a Princess cruise ship. Do you have any tips/advice on crui...