Pregnancy: Lauren

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D.C. asks from Portland

I have 3 kids. Alexander and Lauren who are a year old. And Kiki who is 12 and 10 months. I am now pregnant again. Lauren and Alexander won't even understand what's g...


Pregnancy Insomnia

W.H. asks from Seattle

I'm almost 6 months pregnant and for the last week have had really bad pregnancy insomnia. I can go to sleep ok at around 10pm, but then by 1:30am I'm wide awake! I'm...


What Are the Chances of Being Pregnant

L.S. asks from Pittsburgh

I am being completly paranoid but my husband and I have recently had sex and used the "pull out" method and I think I was ovulating. I know, STUPID, since we are not...


Anyone Get Pregnant While on the Pill?

J.L. asks from Chicago

i'm just wondering if any of you have gotten pregnant while on the pill...I've been on it for 19 years ...minus the time I was preganant. Forgot about the antibiotic...


Not Pregnant Yet but Looking for an OB

I.M. asks from Los Angeles

I've recently made appointments with a few OBGYN's on the West Side before we start trying to get pregnant, to see who might be a good fit for us. I'd love some ideas...


Pregnancy Question and Baby Names Girl

S.C. asks from Fresno

Im 13 weeks pregnant and the doctors still cant hear the heart beat. I know that baby is ok because an ultrasound showed a strong heart beat. But at the ob visits the...


Feeling Guilty for Thoughts About My 3Rd Pregnancy

B.B. asks from New York

I feel terrible for even posting this, because I know it is such a blessing to be pregnant with a healthy baby. But I just can't shake these feelings. I keep almost...


Seeking Nice Female Ob/gyn in Mckinney or Nearby, Am Pregnant

M.D. asks from Dallas

Hi..I just recently moved to Mckinney from south Texas...also Just found out I'm pregnant and need an OB...I live in Mckinney and would prefer to go to a caring femal...


Trouble Getting Pregnant the 4Th Time?!?

E.K. asks from Indianapolis

I got pregnant with my first three kids the first month that we tried. We thought that the fourth time would be just as easy, but it has not been. They were born in...


Looking for a Great Pediatrician in Sherman Oaks Area.

Y.J. asks from Los Angeles

I am pregnant and have begun the search for a great pediatrician. For my own health, I have sought out physicians and health care providers who strike a balance betw...