Pregnancy: Lands End

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Frustrated! Shopping for Maternity Swimsuit...

So here is my predicament-I am 26 weeks pregnant. I was pre-pregnancy size 4, and wore a 34 D. I am now up to a 36/38G, but haven't gained much weight anywhere else. Where can I find a maternity bathing suit to fit me up top? A one-piece is pretty much out of the question because in order to get it to fit up top, it won't fit in the bottom. Everything two piece top seems to be too small in the bust. I have looked at Motherhood, Figleaves, Target, Old Navy, etc. I am getting pretty desperate- We are heading to the beach on Memorial Day...

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The Aftermath of Breastfeeding

Sorry, didn't know what to title this one! I breastfed my baby for 5 months. He's now 6 1/2 months old. Kinda personal....but my breasts are of a jello like consistancy. There is NO firmness to them AT ALL. I was wondering if this was normal or not? I'm wondering if they will firm up with time!! Also I used to be a C cup and went to a D during pregnancy and have yet to return to a C...wondering if I have a new permanent size now? For those of you that are finished breastfeeding, what happened to you?