Pregnancy: Child, Teddy Bears

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How My 5 Yr Old Interacts Is Beautiful but When It Comes Tme to to Go to Sleep ?

I am afraid to ask but here it goes I have a 5 yr old son and he is very smart for someone his age and very loving but still very picky on what he drinks and eats especially at bedtime. When i was pregnatnt w/him i ate very healthy to healthy if u ask me but nothing stayed down the entire pregnancy this was a 24/7 ordeal. Well he loves french fries till this day. He wakes up he wants french fries or waffles or apples or milk. Bedtime is another ordeal. In order for him to sleep the doctor said give him melatonin with milk. I do this daily...


Announcing Baby #2

We just found out that we are pregnant with baby #2! We could not be more...

Labor & Delivery

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What Was Your "Push" Present?

I know it's not standard with everyone but it seems to be becoming more popular for the father of the baby to present a "push" present to the mother of the baby for all the hard work she did throughout her pregnancy and labor. I think it's a great idea :) Anyway, my sister is due in 4 weeks and her husband is looking for ideas for a great push present. This will likely be her last of three kids so something sentimental would be great. Any suggestions? Thanks


MDO Has New Policies

I just want to know if this is normal? My 2 year old daughter started going...