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Pregnant Mom on Bed Rest Looking for Things to Do with 4 Year Old. HELP!

I am 36 weeks pregnant and have been on-and-off bed rest for 3 months. I am looking for things to do with our fabulous 4 year old daughter - inside or outside. I am on "modified" bed rest so I don't have to be laying down, I can sit. It's hard to think of fun things to do in the house or backyard where I can sit with my feet up. She starts preschool next week which will help, but I feel horrible because we used to go to the park, go swimming, go for walks and be active and now she's stuck here with me. She is already feeling like the baby...

Labor & Delivery

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Advice on Preterm Labor

I am not quite 34 weeks pregnant and was put on strict bedrest this afternoon after the Dr. discovered that I have dilated to a 3 and am 50% effaced. As long as I'm laying down, I don't have contractions, but the second I stand up and/or walk, I have constant contractions (although they're not painful). I've done quite a bit of research about complications the baby could experience, but I would appreciate hearing from anyone who's delivered a baby at this stage--what to expect, etc. Also, what's the likelihood that I'll be able to hold...