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Cloth Diapers - BumGenius - New Born ?

Hello Ladies, I have a question for you regarding the BumGenius cloth diapers. Currnetly i use the BG3.0 on my DS (21ms). I LOVE this product. I am due in december for our second son and i'm contemplating as to what size I should get for the new one. A couple of blogs I read said the aio 3.0 leaks for the little bums. But from a financial standpoint – I am not sure if I want to purchase 2 different sizes. However, if recommended I will. Would love to hear feedback from other moms! Thanks and Take Care


Cloth Diaper Help!

I'm reposting my question to see if I can get any help with cloth diaper...


Pregnant or Not?

We are trying for number 2. I am 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test...

Baby Shower

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5Th Baby and Having Baby Shower

I am pregnant with my 5th and final child and my sister has decided to give me a baby shower at the end of the month. This baby is a boy, and so are the rest of my children. :) That's right, God's blessing me with 5 sons! I am very excited about my shower, I had a shower with my 2nd (but am inviting different people since I lived somewhere else then and have new friends now). My question is, do you think people will find it wrong that I'm having a shower with this one? I don't want to offend anyone and everyone I've asked seems to think it...

Bringing Baby Home

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Cloth Diaper Help!

I'm reposting my question to see if I can get any help with cloth diaper decisions! Has anyone used a variety of cloth diapers? We plan to go with BumGenius, but also getting some FuzziBunz. My thought was the variety in fit and style would be good. Is it all a matter of preference? Do you recommend waiting until the baby is born to see what fits and decide then? Also, is it worth getting some newborn size to fit around the umbilical cord area, or should we just use prefolds during that short time? Any advice on best covers for prefolds?...