Pregnancy: Aveeno

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Pregnant & Psoriasis

A.K. asks from Sacramento

Hi all! I am 15 weeks pregnant with my second baby. For the past 2 years I've been really struggling with psoriasis. I had it since I was little, but didn't have any...


Tanning While Pregnant

S.G. asks from Erie

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and am planning a vacation at the end of May down south. Normally I go tanning about a month prior to a vacation so that I don't get...


My Pregnant Niece Has Eczema

D.L. asks from Redding

My niece is six months pregnant and has developed eczema on her hands, arms and neck. We are hoping this has something to do with her being pregnant and will clear up...


Any Suggestion on Foundation and Cleanser While You Are Pregnant?

M.K. asks from Los Angeles

I am not pregnant yet, but I have been trying for over 6 months now....anyways, I would like to know is what kind of foundation and cleanser everybody is using during...


Itchy Breasts While Pregnant

L.M. asks from Visalia

Hi Ladies, I have a problem driving me crazy! With my first pregnancy I used Vitamin E Oil (specifically for pregnant women) on my breasts when they became itchy. It...


Itchy Feet During Pregnancy

K.D. asks from Jacksonville

Has anyone dealt with itchy feet during pregnancy? Ever since I took the HPT, my feet have been itching like crazy, especially at night. I have mentioned this to my...


Seeking Information About a Rash During Pregnancy

C.K. asks from Chicago

I am 14 weeks pregnant and I have a rash that started around my belly button and now has spread around my stomach and legs. I went to the doctor and they told me to ...


Acne Breakouts During Pregnancy

L.W. asks from Phoenix

This is my third pregnancy, and once again, as before, I'm experiencing terrible acne over my face. I plan on talking to my OB about it, but am wondering what others ...


HELP: Cholestasis of Pregnancy

A.W. asks from Atlanta

My sister has been experiencing severe itching of her hands and feet and the nurse told her she MAY have Cholestasis of Pregnancy. She needs to see the dr on Monday. ...


PUPPP Rash During Pregnancy

M.K. asks from Milwaukee

Hello, I thought I saw a request about a rash during pregnancy but could not find it, so I need help. I have PUPPP it just started and I am 30 weeks pregnant with...