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Sleep and the Ergo

Hello mamas, I have a question for those of you out there who are doing parent-directed feeding and using the Ergo sling (or any other carrier). My baby daughter is 12 days old. In the Ergo, she doesn't seem to get good quality sleep OR active/alert time. I love the slings utility, though, and would like to use it at times So- is she just too young for a carrier? Should I wait until she stays awake more easily? Can a baby get a good quality nap in a carrier? Any thoughts on the best time of day to have her in the carrier at this...


Ergo Baby Carriers

I'm looking to purchase a new baby carrier. I had the Baby Bjorn but didn't...


Ergo Baby Carrier

Before our baby was born, it was suggested by many well-meaning friends to...


Ergo Carrier vs Beco

which of these is better? i like the beco due to the fact it is locally made...