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Feedback on Pediatricians - Either Dr. Lauren Crosby or Dr. Peter Waldstein?

Hi friends, I am trying to choose a pediatrician and I am due on Monday. We met with both Dr. Waldstein and Dr. Crosby (based on recommendations from our docs and others). Does anyone have any first-hand experience to share on either doctor to help maybe steer us in the right direction? Thanks in advance and best wishes, J.


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Why Can't She Try?

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What If You REALLY Can't Afford Another Kid?

We are considering kid #2 and I just did some math and it ain't pretty! We literally can't afford another kid because of day care costs. Even if I quit working, we'd be short. We are already fairly frugal and have a pretty modest lifestyle for where we live. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? Did it stop you from having kids or did you work around it somehow?? I'm so sad to think that it would be money that would keep us from having another :( Or to have to wait until we were able to maybe move somewhere cheaper or...