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Alicia Silverstone Scared Me About Caffeine!

Hi Moms, For those who don't know,a few years ago, Alicia Silverstone came out w/ a vegan book/cookbook called The Kind Diet. I've had it forever and just started reading it. A lot of things scared me, but especially what she wrote about caffeine. Here is what she wrote: "Caffeine stresses the immune system and your heart, reduces your ability to feel safe and peaceful, and can mess wth your fertility. It also steals minerals from your blood and bones ad dries you out, causing wrinkles! Caffeine sucks... literally!" WOW, I...

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6 Month Old Infant on Albuterol for Wheezing and Cough. Side Effects Are Crazy!

Does anyone have any info on giving a child oral Albuterol. She has a seemingly productive cough but no other cold symptoms. Doctor told me it was a virus and prescribed oral Albuterol. Pharmacist said that it would make her hyper but I wasnt prepared for how hyper she would become. It is like having a baby on speed. I would consider stopping the treatment but want to know if anyone has similiar situation. Doctor seemed to have diagnosed her in 20 seconds. Any thoughts? Thanks!


Baby with RSV

About 3 1/2 months ago my now 6 month old daughter was diagnosed with rsv...