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School Shoes for Girl?

My DD is starting Kindergarten & I'm just wondering what type of shoes your girls wear to school? DD has only been in a very casual Pre-K setting, so she could wear flip flops to that, but I know regular school isn't as flexible. Is there something stylish & functional, at the same time, that she can wear? I know some of you will probably say "Twinkle Toes" by Skechers, but, as cute as Twinkle Toes are, I won't be spending my money on them - she got them for Christmas last year & they barely made it through 4 months of very light use...

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Passing down Clothes from Older Child to Younger Child

My two daughters are almost exactly 3 years apart, one born in May and one in June. I have been lucky enough to pass down the clothes from my older one and have been doing the season switch into the next size. My youngest one is starting to become interested in potty training and was just wondering what other moms think about passing down underwear between siblings when they are young. I'm talking about under the age of 9-10. I kept every bit of clothing from my first girl and have planned on passing down everything to the younger one...