Pregnancy Test Accuracy: Infant

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P.M. asks from Harrisburg

So, I got my period in the middle of March. Lasted 6-7 days then went away, then my boyfriend and I had sex. About 3 days later, I ended up getting a bladder infectio...



M.R. asks from Minneapolis

I am just curious. Me and my husband have been trying to have another baby. I know you are supposed to wait until your first childs first birthday, but we are eager t...


Ovulation Tests

S.B. asks from Chicago

What's your take on using an ovulation kit to determine when you're ovulating? We're trying to conceive our second child (the first was a surprise), so I'm curious w...


Late Period, Negative HPT Tests

K.M. asks from Seattle

I have googled and searched and read about this quite a bit and I just wanted to finally ask a pretty simple question: Are there mothers here who tested negative o...


When Did Your Pregnancy Show up on a Home Pregnancy Test?

O.M. asks from Portland

how early or when did you do a home pregnancy test where you had an accurate pregnancy test?


Period 4 Days Late, Negative Pregnancy Tests

L.F. asks from Chicago

My husband and I are trying for our second child and I am currently 4 days late (I am almost never late on a 28 day cycle). I took a pregnancy test when I was one da...


Period Is 5 Days Late and Pregnancy Tests Are Negative. What Do I Do?

K.S. asks from Atlanta

I am 16. I know I am young. I just need help. My boyfriend of 2 years and I had sex twice in the beginning of March. We used protection. He says he checked the condom...


8 Days Late for Period but Neg for 7 PG Tests

D.B. asks from San Francisco

my sis is really hoping for a baby. she hast stopped the pill at age 26. but is really hoping for a baby even this young. is there any mommas who had hoped for a bab...


Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

J.G. asks from Minneapolis

How accurate are they? Do you wait until after you have missed your period to take one with the dollar store kind. I just hate spending so much money on pregnancy t...


Ok I Really Feel like I Could Be Pregnant but the Tests Say NO

S.M. asks from Austin

I have had a tubal ligation done 2 yrs ago and have had a 28 day cycle since and now I am over 2 weeks late but tests are coming up negative but I am just feeling lik...