Pregnancy Test Accuracy

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Pregnancy Question

A.S. asks from Omaha

Ok I went in to the obgyn for a ruptured ovarias cist and the doctor showed me a spot that I had on my stomach that was either the start of early pregnancy and very w...


Question About Pregnancy

M.C. asks from Youngstown

Hello ladies, maybe you can help ease my mind. I am almost 37 weeks pregnant with my first child. Being that this is my first I don't know what is normal and what i...


Pregnancy Concerns

T.C. asks from Tampa

Hello, I'm 37 weeks pregnant and I have recently learned that my unborn baby has a much large uper body then what is expected. For some reason the doctor did not go i...


What Week of Pregnancy Am I In???

P.C. asks from Fort Wayne

I am very confused about what week I am in in my pregnancy. I am not able to go to the doctor for another month due to lack of funds and insurance problems. This is m...


Pregnancy Test

B.R. asks from Allentown

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on Saturday and Saturday night. I ended my period on Thursday. He claims all will be ok. I read a lot of different articles as...


Pregnancy Test

K.V. asks from Grand Rapids

ok so i took a clearblue pregnancy test, but the stick that i have has 2 parts where lines show up, but the box doesnt say anything about the second part, when i took...


Pregnancy Question

S.P. asks from Billings

Okay moms, I am puzzled. I have nausea,my pants are fitting tight, my breast are tender. All the signs of pregnancy. Yet I took a home test and it said negative. NOT ...


Dollar Tree Pregnancy Test

A.S. asks from Dallas

How accurate are the Dollar Tree pregnancy tests? I have never gotten a positive from these tests and I have taken a lot of them. I have only ever gotten positives ...


Swelling and Pregnancy

A.M. asks from New York

Hi, I am almost 7 months pregnant with baby no. 2! and so far everything has gone very well. My biggest and really only issue right now is swelling. I'm not sure why...


Pregnancy Question.

E.B. asks from Miami

I should be skilled at every pregnancy question since I already have three. Lol. I am on birthcontrol. This week i'm supposed to get my period i was supposed to get i...