Pregnancy Medications

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Migraines and Pregnancy

S.R. asks from Los Angeles

Any other mamas out there with migraines? I have been getting them since I was 8, and they have evolved over the years. They used to blindside me and wipe me out fo...


Anxiety in Pregnancy

N.O. asks from Richland

I have suffered with anxiety for as long as I can remember. I have been on and off of more medications than I can count, usually with the same result - it either mak...


Unemployment & Drug Testing

D.P. asks from Pittsburgh

Should drug testing be mandatory for receiving unemployment compensation? Who should pay for that? The company that laid off the recipient? UC is not welfare, righ...


Methyldopa and Pregnancy

C.A. asks from Atlanta

Hi there momma's. I am a 36 year old and trying to conceive. I recently found out that my blood pressure was not where it needed to be. Therefore my regular doctor pu...


Pregnancy Test

R.W. asks from San Antonio

Is there a pregnancy test that will provide accurate results, without waiting for a missed period? Not sure, if my medication is making me experience common side effe...


Pregnancy and IBS

A.C. asks from Atlanta

This is mostly a curiousity question, as I am not currently pregnant nor am I attempting to get pregnant. Several of my friends are now pregnant with Baby #3, and it ...


Pregnancy Headaches

A.M. asks from New York

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with really really bad headaches during their pregnancy. I'm 16 weeks along with our second and I'm miserable! my fi...


Pregnancy and Thyroid

N.O. asks from Detroit

Hi ladies, Back in november I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was 7 weeks pregnant with my second child when i found out. At almost my 11th week i found out...


Lexapro and Pregnancy

C.T. asks from Minneapolis

Hi All, Well, I've been on 10mg Lexapro for anxiety for about 3 1/2 years. I tried going off 2 other times but was unsuccessful (anxiety returned and couldn't deal...


Hypothyrodism and Pregnancy

D.B. asks from Dallas

I have hypothyroidsm and currently take medication to control it. My question is the ability to become pregnant and then to maintain a pregnancy with this condition....