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Pregnancy Test

A.R. asks from Phoenix

so i got this pregnancy test from walgr.....s its the ept digital walgreens brand, i took the test and it showed me see leaflet.what the hell..i dont know whats the ...


Where do I get a more accurate pregnancy test?

J.D. asks from Detroit

I suspect that I'm pregnant for a whole lot of reasons but none of the 6 pregnancy tests that I've taken has turned out to be positive. Are there any tests that work...


What Is the Most Accurate Pregnancy Test??

K.S. asks from Portland

i am pretty sure i am pregnant but i dont know which test to buy. i was going to buy the first response but then i heard it gives FALSE positives! anyone had this hap...


False Positive Pregnancy Test

S.R. asks from Lexington

I had what I thought was a miscarriage last fall and then the exact same thing seemed to happen this fall. I was late so I took a pregnancy test and it came up posit...


Possible Pregnancy and Drinking

C.H. asks from Augusta

I have 2 beautiful boys right now and am definately not looking for a 3rd baby right now...not even in the next 10 yrs. But I am using no birth control or condoms but...


How Early Have You Experienced Pregnancy Symptoms

V.G. asks from Grand Rapids

Okay, I'm totally wacked out on this one. I have two older daughters, and shouldn't be able to get pregnant (and there is only a small failure rate). However, for t...


Pregnant AGAIN

C.B. asks from Washington DC

i just took a pregnancy test ept digital test and i am not on any medication, and i feel very much pregnant which is why i took the test. i was wondering if anybody r...


Pregnancy & Antibiotics & Birth Control Question--- Please Advise.....

M.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi Mamas, I know that antibiotics will lower the effectiveness of birth control pills, but do you know by how much???? I just realized that I have been on antibiot...


How'd You Know??

J.F. asks from Orlando

How did you ladies know you were pregnant?? Besides a pregnancy test. I mean, did you get sick, did you feel strange in your tummy(lower region), were you becoming ps...


Do I Have Enough Love to Go Around?

T.C. asks from Omaha

Over this past weekend I found out that my DH and I are expecting #2 (due late September according to LMP.) First a little background. With my DD who was born Jan...