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My 3 Year Old Daughter Is Hurting Me.

J.F. asks from Los Angeles

Hi all. I hope it is ok signing up here and asking question even though I am male as there are no useful websites for men out there that have questions like mine....


Pregnancy Afer a Miscarriage

A.L. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, Need a little support here. Last year around this same exact time I found out I was pregnanat. There was some bleeding, the doc did some tests but everyth...


4 Year Old Diagnosed with Bipolar and ADHD - Anyone Have Advice on Medicine?

D.H. asks from Dallas

My 4 year old son has been diagnosed with ADHD and Bipolar. At this time, we are charting his moods to show what sort of cycle he goes through. We have held off on ...


Teenage Pregnancy

R.W. asks from Dallas

I just found out that my daughter, who is a senior in High School is pregnant, and I am an emotional roller coaster that I can not get to stop. My husband is schedul...


I Really Need advice.....I'm Not Happy About Pregnancy

H.A. asks from Spokane

Hello Ladies, My appologies, this may be a bit lengthly. Thank you ahead of time, please no mean comments... First a bit of background: My first pregnancy was co...


HELP!!!!! We THINK My 3 Year Old Has HIVES!

J.T. asks from Pensacola

My daughter has had a terrible cough and runny nose for the last 3 days so I started giving her Triaminic Long Acting Cough this morning. Well, right after I gave her...


Too Much Caffeine for Pregnancy?

J.M. asks from Los Angeles

Before I got pregnant I was a major caffeine addict. I am talking like 3 cups of coffee, a sugar free red bull and iced or hot black tea every day (horrible I know!)...


Blood Pressure Issue During Pregnancy

L.V. asks from Dallas

Okay, Mamas, have any of you had this experience? A few times now, I've been having a normal day, and my blood pressure has suddenly dropped too LOW! I get all leth...


Violent and Intense Pregnancy Dreams/Nightmares

M.S. asks from San Francisco

Hi Ladies, I am writing because I am in my third trimester and am having such a hard time sleeping. I have been having such vivid, imaginative dreams that sometime...


High Risk Pregnancy

M.G. asks from Detroit

I recently found out that I'm almost 10 weeks pregnant. When I went to the doctor he advised that normally 35 years and older are considered to be high risk. I know ...