Pregnancy Diarrhea

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Help with Prenatal Vitamins May Be (TMI)

N.J. asks from Los Angeles

I'm so at a loss I finally am at the point where am can eat without feeling nauseous or vomit (15 wks pregnant) but every time I start taking my prenatal vitamin the...


Question About Missed Period

M.L. asks from Washington DC

This question is about my own health. I have been on the pill FOREVER and I am wonderful at taking it regularly. So then, why did I miss my period last week?? One pil...



N.M. asks from Oklahoma City

Ok first a little history, My son has had isssues with milk and soy protein formulas. he would projectile vomit and we ended up in the er. well they told use to a hyp...


Rotavirus Vaccine Decision by Monday

A.K. asks from Los Angeles

I'm seeking input on what other moms have done re: the new rotavirus vaccine recommended for newborns. Rotavirus is highly contagious and causes severe diarrhea, vomi...


Gall Bladder Complications? Sorry, This Is a TMI Posting.

A.C. asks from Cincinnati

I had my gall bladder removed last November, after several serious (and progressively more painful) attacks, and at first, it was quite a relief. Lots of people told ...


Using Progesterone While Breastfeeding

K.N. asks from Detroit

Hi everyone, I am a little stunned as I right this. I just found out I am 4 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child. Our daughter is 15 months old and I got pregnant via...


Wife Is 12 Weeks PP - No Period, Breastfeeding, Cramping, Nauseous, Pregnant?

K.M. asks from Chicago

My wife is 11 weeks pp and 1 1/2 weeks ago we had unprotected sex 1 time. It was on Aug.19th early AM. Since this she has not had a period. On Sunday Morning, Aug ...


Just Asking, Mean Question?

A.L. asks from New Orleans

I'm six months pregnant with my second child. So, I'm sitting on the couch having a snack before I go to sleep and my husband turns to me and asks, "Are you always e...


Question About Nausea

P.H. asks from Philadelphia

Anyone suffering from this stomach bug going around? I feel like I'm in the first trimester of pregnancy and totally suffering from morning sickness, but I haven't m...


Too Much Orange Juice, Is There Such a Thing?

S.R. asks from Kansas City

Kind of a silly question but I'm wondering if you can really drink too much orange juice. I can't get enough of it this pregnancy. I'm going through a gallon every 2 ...