Pregnancy Complications: Tween

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Is It Possible to Be Pregnant with No Complications the Third Time?

How many of you out there had a really difficult pregnancy and were afraid for the next one? Did you have serious complications with your first but then zero to almost no complications in your proceeding pregnancy/pregnancies? Is it POSSIBLE to have a smooth pregnancy after a pregnancy with serious complications??? Anyone want to offer me any hope or just share your story?? =-)


Pregnancy at 43

What was your experience like? Did you have complications with the pregnancy...


Pregnancy over 35?

Hi, my question is....I turned 35 this past October so I am 35 and 3 months....

Bed rest

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12 Year Old Boys...

My girlfriend has a 12 year old boy that is truly driving her nuts. I give as good of advice as I can, but really I raised girls, Im sure its different. Her son, has started "dating" a 13 year old girl (who mom doesnt like hehe), is pretty disrespectful to his mom, he is spoiled with cash & fancy electronics by his Dad that lives in a different city. He wants to "go out" on dates with the girlfriend, I think in groups it should be ok...? He has no experience using transit alone- I think now is a good time to learn... theres a bunch of stuff...


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13 Year Old. Ugh.

13 year old daughter. Need I say more? It's as if an alarm went off in her head the day she turned 13 telling her to start acting like a ^#&$^@#$!*. Though she doesn't have issues with school or boyfriends, the "I don't give a darn" attitude and the "Whatever" nasty attitude with all her family members is about to put me over the edge. No amount of lecturing makes a difference. She just comes back even nastier. We've taken away the phone (which she barely uses anyway), computer, her e-reader, to no effect other that making her even...

High Risk Factors

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What Would You Do? High Risk Pregnancy

I apologized in advanced if it's all over the place.. I just found I'm 5 weeks pregnant. It wasn't plan but I'm happy, yet scared since it's a high risk pregnancy. I have a 2, 7, & 9 year old that still need me. My last pregnancy was such a scary experience. My blood pressure was sky high all through my pregnancy. I have chronic hypertension and it gets harder to control during pregnancy. After giving birth it's even worst. I ended up on labetol 300mg (3x) and hydralazine 25mg (2x). Its actually just starting to get back to my normal....


Pregnancy at 43

What was your experience like? Did you have complications with the pregnancy...


Pregnancy over 35?

Hi, my question is....I turned 35 this past October so I am 35 and 3 months....


High Risk Dr?

I am looking for a good well recommended high risk Dr one preferably that...

Morning Sickness

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Horrible Morning Sickness

I am about 12-13 weeks pregnant and my morning sickness is completely unbearable, im nauseous all day long anything i eat i cant keep down and im constantly getting this unbearable headaches. When i was pregnant with my first i was no where near sick like this. Any suggestions how i can deal with this and any idea when the morning sickness may end?

Spotting & Bleeding

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I Am Bleeding..

I am out of my mind hysterical. I am bleeding... I am 8 weeks pregnant and had light spotting pinking, and now its red blood( just like a period) coming. I am so upset. i cant stop crying and I have to wait til tomorrow for an ultrasound. I want this baby so badly... But i guess nothing I can do can stop the bleeding.


Spotting at 11 Weeks

I am currently 11.5 weeks into my second pregnancy and this morning I had...

Health & Safety

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Supervising Instant Messaging of 12 Year Old Girl

My 12 year old daughter has been on IM for for a few months. Before this, she was on email, which I told her I was supervising (reading periodically). There were several times when I stepped in about crude language and even sexual content "Sleep with him." So I suspended email for awhile. Now the coast has been clear for awhile, and she is on email and IM. This time, I am finding the language is worse. I can see this because her IM is linked to my email, and when I am on, her messages pop up. I told her this, and that I was trying to block...