Pregnancy Complications: The First Years

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Good Books on Pregnancy - Suggestions?

K.F. asks from San Francisco

Hi Ladies, I am on the lookout for some good reading material on pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy, and I am not convinced that What To Expect... is the end-al...


Pregnancy Book Recommendations

F.K. asks from San Francisco

I am currently planning for my upcoming pregnancy and want to know of any good book recommendations related to pregnancy, besides "What to Expect When You're Expectin...


Memory Loss During Pregnancy

A.K. asks from Dallas

Good morning everyone, really hoping someone can help me w/ this burning question. During pregnancy I started noticing a pattern of forgetfulness,where sticky notes ...


Pregnancy Rules! What About You.... Do/did You Love Being Pregnant?

N.G. asks from Dallas

This is my 3rd pregnancy and I'm 11 weeks today. This pregnancy has been AWESOME (so far... still have a while to go I know!). Much unlike my other two, I've had no...


She Knows Now, Pregnancy, Motherhood Can Be a Lonely Place

F.O. asks from Los Angeles

Remember the question of would you attend the shower if yours was blown off? Briefly, I did not attend but I sent a gift on time. Anyway, she had the baby Jan...


Best Friend Pregnancy

S.S. asks from Binghamton

Hey there Mommas! My 'best' friend is pregnant, she's 23 years old and had only been with her boyfriend for 6 months before she got pregnant. Since my friend told me ...


Tubal Ligation During C-section. Side Effects???? Complications with PCOS?

J.F. asks from Minneapolis

Hi Mamas! I did a little research on this site already, but wanted to ask it anyway since Mamapedia reaches more moms. What have your side effects been after yo...


Vasectomy Question

T.D. asks from Chicago

My husband is considering having a vasectomy in the near future. Have any of your husbands or significant others had one and experienced post-op complications? I've...


Miscarriage Support Advice

V.W. asks from Jacksonville

Hi Ladies. I am hoping that some of you who have suffered similarly will know what I can do. My S-I-L (across the country from us) has suffered a miscarriage. Af...


Continued Problems W/an Episiotomy

D.B. asks from Provo

I hope this isn't too descriptive, but I would love to know if anyone else has experienced this. To keep a long story short, my episiotomy hasn't healed, and it is st...