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Advice on C-section for a Friend

I have a girlfriend who is about 10 weeks away from her delivery, on full bedrest due to excessive blood pressure, and who has recently been told to plan for a C-section as her baby is in a cradled breach position. She currently has a five year old son, who was a vaginal delivery. I believe she's a bit frightened and requested some information on details: ie, how long does the surgery itself take, how long is the hospital stay, how long does it take to heal to get back to "normal" (sitting for an hour or two at a soccer game, working...


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Mom Needing Help with Depression

I had my baby about 3 months ago and I'm still having problems with being depressed. i don't want to take any drugs as i would prefer a natural way to take care of this problem. i some times i wish i never had her but almost immediately i wished id never thought that. i love her i really do, but i feel like im going crazy.