Pregnancy Complications: Singulair

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7 Weeks Pregnant with Shortness of Breath, Prescribed Qvar-anyone Else?

Since about 4 weeks along, I have had such a hard time breathing! I cannot run like I was doing everyday, I can walk but not for very long. Doc has tested me, looks like I am okay. He prescribed Qvar, but I read that It causes birth defects in animals. It's a category C drug. He seemed fine with it, but I am nervous. I finally started taking 1/2 the dose because I am having such a hard time breathing. Has anyone had this strange symptom during early pregnancy and has anyone taken Qvar during pregnancy?


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Singulair Allergy Med

Hi. My son has some pretty bad allergies. he has been taking Zyrtec for it and last week we addded Nasonex. His ENT wants to add Singulair but I have heard some nasty things about it (i.e. very aggressive behaviors etc). The ENT said she never heard that. Anyone have expirence to share?

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Can Singulair Affect Your Milk Supply?

My doctor recommended that I take singulair since zyrtec is no longer working for me. I'm nursing a 6 month old and I am concerned that it will affect my milk supply. Has anyone taken Singulair while nursing and seen any affect on milk supply?