Pregnancy Complications: Puppets

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Need Playing Suggestions

Hi moms, i have a two year old little boy who constantly wants to play with me. I have no problem giving him the attention he needs. Especially since i am a stay at home mom. The only problem is i am 34 weeks pg. I am having alot of complications with this pregnancy and i am already getting painful contractions that come and go. Any little games that are easier than hide and seek that don't envolve much movement. I already play flash cards, we do our abc's and 123's. Oh by the way he is really advanced. Please help me i don't want to make...

Bed rest

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Partial Bed Rest at 35 Weeks

Hi everyone, I was 35 weeks on Wed, and thought I had some fluid leaking on Wed Night - Thursday so I went to the Dr, and I don't have fluid leaking, YA! But I am dialated to 3cm so I was put on partail bed rest. My next Dr appt is on Tuesday Morning. Any advice or sugestions to help get through this time, I have an active 21 month old, and a husband who works 2 jobs so that I can stay at home - so he is not much help - plus he is supposed to have knee surgery on May 30th!! Thanks


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Meal Time Stress

I feel like I'm being a bad mom because I can't come up with meal plans for my 20 month old. She's getting tired of chicken nuggets, eggs, yogurt, etc. I know they say if they eat the same things over and over it's ok, but what do you do when those foods that have been working are starting to fade. The newest thing for her has been cheeseburgers, but I don't want to give her greasy food all the time. We also found out that we're expecting another baby after our miscarriage and this one is doing great. I guess the one thing I should be...