Pregnancy Complications: Preschooler

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How Much to Tell 4 Year Old About a D & C

D.J. asks from Amarillo

I am getting a D&C tomorrow for a "missed abortion." Basically, conception occurred and we thought I was pregnant for a while, but the baby never developed. I am st...



C.M. asks from Philadelphia

I've always heard that once you have a's easier to get pregnant again. However, I am not expericing this at all. I've been trying to get pregnant for abou...


Spotting in Early Stage of Pregnancy

N.K. asks from Albuquerque

I asked about women's experiences with spotting in early stage of pregnancy.


4Th Pregnancy

M.G. asks from Gadsden

I was just curious if there is anything that I should expect for the fourth time around? Are there increased complications at all---and are labors really a lot quicke...


Successful Preganancy After an Ectopic Pregnancy

K.S. asks from Modesto

In the middle of January, I had an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy, my right fallopian tube burst and I had to have emergency surgery. The surgery was similar to C-Section...


Spotting/light Bleeding During Pregnancy

M.Y. asks from Los Angeles

I just wrote a post earlier about being 5 weeks pregnant and not having tender and sore breasts. A couple hours ago I experienced some spotting then turned into light...


Anti Depressants During Pregnancy?

R.M. asks from Portland

Anyone out there take an SSRI during pregnancy? I know there are risks. I also know it has to be evaluated with a doctor. I am just curious about anyone else's exp...


Unplanned Pregnancy - How to Tell Husband

J.H. asks from Houston

I have two sons (2 1/2 years and 14 months), which is wonderful but also a lot of work as my husband and I both work full time. I think I may be pregnant again. I'm...


Low Progesterone During Pregnancy

D.L. asks from Benton Harbor

I am 5 weeks along and I received a call from my obgyn office stating that my progesterone was a little low and they wanted me to take a hormone called prometruium. I...


Pregnancy and Swine Flu Vaccine

H.G. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I'm looking for some opinions here. I'm very early in my second pregnancy (7wks), and am trying to be educated on whether or not to risk getting or not get...