Pregnancy Complications: Older Child

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Pregnancy at 43

What was your experience like? Did you have complications with the pregnancy? How was the health of your baby?


Pregnancy After 35?

Hello, I'm just curious about pregnancy after 35....I'll be 35 this year and...

Bed rest

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Help-my 8 Year Old Is Very Picky About Her Food.

I have an 8 year old that is very picky about food. She either wants something different from what i've made and if not, she won't eat. I can't get her to eat veggies or healthy food. It all started one day that we were at my in laws house, and she almost vomited, ever since then, she is always saying that if she tries something new she's going to throw up. I've tried telling her to try something first, before saying she doesn't like it, I've tried the mother and daughter cook day, where we make somthing together, i've tried to hide the...


6 Year Old Allowance

My daughter is almost 6 years old. She has no concept of money. She thinks...


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Obsessive/compulsive/worry Type of Personality in a 6 Year Old

Hi everyone. I'd like to start by saying that my 6 year old is such a pleasant, beautiful kid. Over the past several months, we have noticed the worrying get out of hand. We have had to pull him out of activities due to his little fear of bodily injury. He was losing sleep anitipating when the next activity was going to be and would count the days. We felt it wasn't worth all that anxiety and decided to take him out and telling him (we didn't quit), but it was his choice when he will be him control. As I have been...


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Concieving After Miscarriage

Hi moms, I just had a miscarriage last Monday. I am wondering if after a miscarriage you are super fertile like in the weeks following a live birth. My husband and I don't know if we want to try again, but I am just wondering if we decide to if now would be a prime time to do so.


D&C Or Miscarriage?

I am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant and had my first OB appointment today. The doctor...


Morning Sickness

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Morning Sickness and Other Pregnancy Symptoms

Hello mamas! I am 3 weeks pregnant with my second child and the morning sickness is already bad. I knew as soon as implantation happened that I was pregnant because the morning sickness began. This is way sooner and way worse than it was with my son. I'm also already having other symptoms that I didn't feel until later on with my son (sore breasts, cravings, head aches, etc.) Fist of all, has anyone else experienced pregnancy symptoms much earlier with thier second? Also, does anyone have any morning sickness advice besides crackers...

Health & Safety

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Pregnancy with a Pacemaker

Let me preface this with the fact that I will discuss this with my doctors but I was hoping someone has maybe gone through this or will have some knowledgable input. During my 6th month of pregnancy I started passing out a lot, at least every day. My heart rate was dropping into the 30s which made me not get enough oxygen and my bp would drop causing me to pass out. My heart always would speed back up and I'd be fine. After having my son the problem continued and 3 months later I got a pacemaker. I have now had it for a year and have...