Pregnancy Complications: Lauren

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Looking for a Great Pediatrician in Sherman Oaks Area.

I am pregnant and have begun the search for a great pediatrician. For my own health, I have sought out physicians and health care providers who strike a balance between Western and Eastern medicine. I am looking for the same philosophy in a pediatrician. Based on my research so far, the pediatricians that seem the most like minded are Dr. Paul Fleiss, Dr. Jay Gordon and (thought not a pediatrician) Dr. Lauren Feder. I am still doing research on vaccinations, but know, at the most, I will delay or stagger them. Has anyone found a like...

Bed rest

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When Did Bed Sheets Get So Expensive

I'm pricing King sheets and am just floored. I've gone to Linens n Things, Bed Bath and Beyond, Annas Linens, Kohls, and even Walmart websites. Prices $49-$179 for basic sets. Not Ralph Lauren desginer sets, just the basic solid color white sheets. Over $200 for Egyptian cotton or really high thread count. For a set of sheets? Absoutley ridiculous. Where do you buy sheets that aren't outrageous, or do you spend $200 for a set of sheets. I'm going to try Ross when I get off work today, but if I don't find a decent price there, where...


Advice for Bedrest?

Does anyone have any good tips for dealing with a (hopefully) long stretch...