Pregnancy Complications: Clear Blue

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Dealing with an Ectopic Pregnancy

Has any mom out there had or knows someone that had an ectopic pregnancy- abnormal pregnancy where the egg implants elsewhere besides the uterus. Sonogram after sonogram starting at 5 weeks (2/15), they could not detect where the egg was up until March 2008 when i went to the ER early in the morning complaining of sharp lower abdominal pains. I went in for a sonogram and they found the enlarged egg in the right tube. Luckily the tube did not burst and they were able to save both of my tubes. They did find a lot of endometriosis in my right...


Having an Only Child

Hi there. I would love to hear from moms who have decided to only have one...


Trying for Baby #2

I need any advice I can get. We are trying for a second baby and after 4...

High Risk Factors

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High Risk Dr?

I am looking for a good well recommended high risk Dr one preferably that works with older women. I am over 40 an new to the area and just found out i am pregnant. I have had a miscarriage in the past and i am a over weight. So i have a lot of factors working against me. I don't have a regular dr. yet to get any recommendations from so if anyone can suggest a High risk dr that would be wonderful. I live in Plano. Also any input about the hospitals around her would be great as well. Thank you so much for you help.

Health & Safety

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Can I Be Pregnant?

I have been taking birth control pills for the last 5 or 6 months now. I always start my period on a Sunday and end by Wednesday when I start my new pack. Well this last time I started spotting on Monday into Wednesday morning. I took 3 pregnancy tests and 2 came out negative and one came out positive (Showed one dark line and one faint line). Could I be pregnant? Has anyone ever had this happen before? I called my doctor and they said to continue taking my pills for another week and then take another test to see if I am pregnant? If I...