Pregnancy Complications: Benadryl

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Cold Medicine During Early Pregnancy

K.W. asks from Madison

Hi all. I've been reading the websites and I'm extremely confused and a little scared. I have a pretty bad - but not severe- head and chest cold (nasal stuffiness a...


Question for Women Who Experienced Frequent Headaches During Pregnancy

E.G. asks from Chicago

I'm at 15 weeks and have had frequent (mild/dull/nagging) headaches since the 8th week. Headaces are not painful (can go about my day) - just getting annoying now. ...



D.D. asks from Sacramento

Our youngest daughter and her hubby are expecting twins. They went to their first doctor's visit where the ultrasound showed the two babies and boy were they surprise...


Fifth Disease???

E.A. asks from Los Angeles

Hi moms I am extremely worried & driving myself crazy! My son was diagnosed with Fifth Disease on Wednesday. His face was all swollen & had fever with soar throat. T...


Pregnant with Asthma and Allergies

T.M. asks from Erie

Since I got such great responses from a lot of people last time. I would like to ask a simple question to all the mothers. I have asthma and I'm 16 weeks pregnant. ...


My Toddler Boy Is "Itchy"

M.K. asks from Denver

Help, my 3 year old is itchy! It's non stop for the last week, "mommy, my pee-pee is itchy". I don't know what it could be, I've tried diaper rash cream (eventhough ...


I Need Help Finding Something Out

B.P. asks from Roanoke

ok my request is throughout my pregnancy i've been sick for the past 5 months, everything i eat makes me feel sick and i can't keep it down. i had to go to the ER on...


What Is the Matter with Me.

J.T. asks from Pueblo

Ok all of you wonderful moms out there, I have another one for you. Nov 19 my momma passed away and my ob thought it best to put me on 50 mg of zoloft, being as ho...


Itchy Skin on Belly

M.B. asks from Lewiston

My sister is pregnant with her first and is due 2/10/10 - recently her belly has been itching excruciatingly. I would like to get her something to help with this for ...


Cold and Pregancy

M.R. asks from Provo

I am 36 1/2 weeks along, and have come down with an awful cold? over the weekend. I am a little afraid to take anything becuase of possible side affects of any drugs ...