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Autoimmune Diseases and Pregnancy

L.C. asks from San Diego

Hi Mamas, Can you please share with me your experiences with Autoimmune diseases and pregnancy? I am not quite sure what I am dealing with as far as I what I actuall...


Planning for Pregnancy - Book Suggestions

M.2. asks from Chicago

My younger, newly-married sister is looking for a book on planning for pregnancy. Her husband is really wanting them to start trying for a baby so she's hoping that ...


Good Books About Pregnancy and Birth for a 6 Year Old?

A.L. asks from Seattle

I am expecting my second child and as would be expected my 6 year old has a lot of questions about what is happening. I have no problem giving her age appropriate...


Pregnancy Reading Overdose

R.S. asks from Seattle

I'm tired of reading. I want pregnancy information in video form. The only one I can find is the documentary 40 Weeks, which won't be released until later this year. ...


Metallic Taste in Mouth During Pregnancy

J.K. asks from Washington DC

Has anyone experienced a strong metallic taste in their mouth during pregnancy? I am 3 1/2 months pregnant and for the past week I have a metallic taste in my mouth ...


Favorite Pregnancy or Parenting Magazines???

S.H. asks from Dallas

I'm wondering what some of your favorite magazines for pregnancy and/or parenting (babies) are? What about web sites? What did you particularly enjoy reading or find ...


How Do You Relax and Enjoy You Pregnancy After a Loss

G.K. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas! I need your help again. I just found out that I am pregnant. It is VERY early in the pregnancy, a lot earlier than most people would find out since I am ...


Dying Hair or Highlights During Pregnancy?

V.G. asks from Los Angeles

What is better to do during pregnancy, dying the hair or highlights? I have just heard that it isn't safe to color your hair while pregnant and don't know weather I...


What Do You Wish You Would Have Done Before and During Pregnancy?

A.L. asks from Phoenix

I am planning to get pregnant in the Fall. What would you tell a friend to make sure to do during pregnancy? Preconception? During delivery? Those early days? ...


Pregnancy Announcements to DH & Family

J.T. asks from Minneapolis

How did you announce your pregnancy? We're not pregnant yet but I am trying to think of how I will announce to my husband and our families when the big day comes. I'd...