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Autoimmune Diseases and Pregnancy

L.C. asks from San Diego

Hi Mamas, Can you please share with me your experiences with Autoimmune diseases and pregnancy? I am not quite sure what I am dealing with as far as I what I actually...


Planning for Pregnancy - Book Suggestions

M.2. asks from Chicago

My younger, newly-married sister is looking for a book on planning for pregnancy. Her husband is really wanting them to start trying for a baby so she's hoping that m...


Good Books About Pregnancy and Birth for a 6 Year Old?

A.L. asks from Seattle

I am expecting my second child and as would be expected my 6 year old has a lot of questions about what is happening. I have no problem giving her age appropriate ...


Pregnancy Reading Overdose

R.S. asks from Seattle

I'm tired of reading. I want pregnancy information in video form. The only one I can find is the documentary 40 Weeks, which won't be released until later this year. A...


Metallic Taste in Mouth During Pregnancy

J.K. asks from Washington DC

Has anyone experienced a strong metallic taste in their mouth during pregnancy? I am 3 1/2 months pregnant and for the past week I have a metallic taste in my mouth t...


Favorite Pregnancy or Parenting Magazines???

S.H. asks from Dallas

I'm wondering what some of your favorite magazines for pregnancy and/or parenting (babies) are? What about web sites? What did you particularly enjoy reading or find h...


How Do You Relax and Enjoy You Pregnancy After a Loss

G.K. asks from Chicago

Hi Mamas! I need your help again. I just found out that I am pregnant. It is VERY early in the pregnancy, a lot earlier than most people would find out since I am s...


Dying Hair or Highlights During Pregnancy?

V.G. asks from Los Angeles

What is better to do during pregnancy, dying the hair or highlights? I have just heard that it isn't safe to color your hair while pregnant and don't know weather I ...


What Do You Wish You Would Have Done Before and During Pregnancy?

A.L. asks from Phoenix

I am planning to get pregnant in the Fall. What would you tell a friend to make sure to do during pregnancy? Preconception? During delivery? Those early days? I...


Pregnancy Announcements to DH & Family

J.T. asks from Minneapolis

How did you announce your pregnancy? We're not pregnant yet but I am trying to think of how I will announce to my husband and our families when the big day comes. I'd ...