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My 14 Year Old Daughter Has a 16 Year Old Boyfriend.

J.B. asks from Boston

I have a very mature and responsible freshman daughter who has been "dating" a 16 1/2 year old junior. She sees him at school and talks to him on the phone. I have ...


16 Year Old Son - Dating and Girlfriends ?!!

H.R. asks from Anchorage

My 16 year old son has never had a girlfriend or dated anyone.....that is until today. He met a girl who is one year older than him at a Christian summer camp a few ...


Twilight Books

T.S. asks from Wausau

My oldest daughter was bugging me to see "Twilight" so we rented it on Saturday night. I thought the movie was good, not the best I've ever seen, but pretty darn good...


Parenting Books

M.W. asks from San Diego

I'm going to be a first time mom and have heard good and bad things about most parenting books. Any reccomendations? Some one told me the book " how to have your seco...


17 Year Old Step-daughter Pregnant

J.H. asks from Lawton

I am new to the mamasource community, but I need all the advice I can get. My 17 year old stepdaughter is pregnant and I am having a very hard time dealing with ...


Advice on How to Handle a Sexually Active 16 Year Old Girl.

D.L. asks from Dallas

My 16 year old daughter was recently found to be sexually active. My husband and I of course are now worried that she will get pregnant. We have decided to take her...


Migraines and Pregnancy

S.R. asks from Los Angeles

Any other mamas out there with migraines? I have been getting them since I was 8, and they have evolved over the years. They used to blindside me and wipe me out fo...


What Should I Expect from Pregnancy

S.G. asks from Chicago

Hi moms, I'm about five months pregnant with my first child. It was an unexpected pregnancy but I am thrilled to be having a child. I'm not so much worried about th...


Pregnancy and Paxil

V.C. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Moms, I have to come back to you again since I trust this group more than anything else. As you know from my previous requests I suffer from Panic attacks, I...


Puberty Books

L.N. asks from Portland

My daughter just finished reading 'The Care And Keeping Of You' book from American girl. She loved it and now is saying she is ready for another book, maybe with a li...