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Steroids for Fetal Lung Development?

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

The goods new is the baby is healthy and above average in weight, however, the drs. are quite certain I will have an early csection, due to complications/high risk an...


Dental Filling During Pregnancy

V.M. asks from Los Angeles

I had a metal dental filling drilled on and replaced when I was 7 months pregnant in January, and within two weeks I was hospitalized with what the neurologist inform...


Info Needed About Bleeding During Pregnancy

K.K. asks from Albuquerque

I am 2 weeks pregnant with my second child. and I have been spotting a little bit for 2 days. and today It seems to be worse. Im not in any pain or anything. Im just...


Losing Weight After Pregnancy

A.B. asks from Tulsa

I just had a daughter 7 wks ago and am struggling to lose weight. I'm not breastfeeding because after two weeks of breastfeeding I dried up and was no longer able. I'...


Advice Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Medication While Breastfeeding

F.J. asks from Dallas

I recently went to the doctor because of pain on my wrist. It has gotten to the point where its hard to hold my baby to nurse her. So I went to my doctor and he recom...


Son Almost 2 Got Croup Twice in a Month and Now Bad Cold

N.C. asks from Los Angeles

My son contacted the croup after a flight and then got a lingering dry cough usually it went away after 2 weeks or 3 max but this time, we flew back from our vacation...


Surgery and Breastfeeding

S.T. asks from St. Louis

I'm having a craniotomy in early November, and I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how to continue to breastfeed my son through this ordeal. He will...


Ideas on How to Help SIL with Possible Preemie

B.R. asks from York

Hi Moms! My Sister in Law just went to the doctor's with bad cramps. Turns out they were contractions. She is 2 centimeters and 80% effaced. They're giving her me...


Need Advice

E.C. asks from Washington DC

I'm 19 years old and this is my first pregnancy that I'm going through with. I'm scared and wondering if there is anything anyone can tell me about giving birth and w...


Cousin's New Baby Has down Syndrome

C.K. asks from Minneapolis

After a difficult pregnancy and an emergency c-section, my cousin gave birth to a son w/Down Syndrome. They did not know ahead of time that he had it, so they are in ...