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4 Year Old Daughter Just Does Not Listen

M.G. asks from Los Angeles

I have a 4 year old daughter and she just doesn't listen or learn, recently she has started to pick the paint in her bedroom i told her not to do it again and took aw...


Trouble with 3 Year Old

A.M. asks from Peoria

Moms, I need some advice or just an ear. Here is our story: We had our first son at 30 weeks after I had been hospitalized on bedrest from 23 to 30 weeks. He was ...


Tantrums and Behaviors with 3 Year-old

A.F. asks from Denver

My daughter turned 3 last month and in that month has gone from a sweet yet strong-willed child to a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde child. She can be her sweet little self o...


Potty Training NOT Going Well with 3 Year Old

K.L. asks from Great Falls

Hi All! We are trying to potty train our 3 year old right now. This is NOT the first attempt we have made at this. I tried starting when he was 2 and he just didn'...


Help! My 3 YO Niece Never Sleeps!!!

L.R. asks from Austin

My sister and her two daughters - 3 and 4 live me. The 3 YO doesn't SLEEP! All hours of the morning she's roaming the house! I'm talking 2AM, 4AM, etc. Sometimes ...


How Do I Tell My 4 Year Old That He's Adopted?

D. asks from Houston

I have no idea how to tell my 4 year old he's adopted. I think I want to start out with reading him books on adoption so that he's at least familiar with the idea (a...


Parenting Books

M.W. asks from San Diego

I'm going to be a first time mom and have heard good and bad things about most parenting books. Any reccomendations? Some one told me the book " how to have your seco...


Having My 4 Year Old in Birthing Room

C.M. asks from Fort Myers

We are having a natural waterbirth with my baby due in December. My midwife firmly believes in having the sibling in the room to experience the birth. She says it wil...


4 Year Old Son Won't Poop in the Potty

T.Z. asks from Denver

Hi all! I was just looking for any tips anyone had for helping my 3 (4 in a week and a half) year old son go poop in the potty. From the get go he has been very dif...


Explaining a Parent's Epilepsy to a 4 Year Old

E.S. asks from Great Falls

I have epilepsy and it was controlled by pills until just recently. Now I'm having petite mal seizures, and my four year old is asking a lot of questions (esp. since ...