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Daughter Won't Eat Breakfast Before School

A.A. asks from Lansing

Hello Ladies, The school year is beginning and I know that it benefits a child when they eat breakfast before going to school. My seven year old daughter is not a b...


Need a Good Book to Present with a Baby Shower Gift

M.M. asks from Detroit

Hello, One of my dearest friends is expecting her first child at the age of 38. My children are ages 7 & 10 and it's been a while since I've purchased a book suitab...


Guilt over Son's Premature Birth

L.L. asks from Detroit

Hi ladies, I'm new to this site and in need of an honest opinion about my son's birth. My son was born a few months ago and he was born at 31 weeks and I feel lik...


Using Online Scrapbooking Sites

A.F. asks from Detroit

I'm hopelessly uncreative and not "crafy" at all, but I'd still like to make my kids a "baby book". Has anyone used online scrapbook sites like or shutterf...



L.J. asks from Detroit

I'm 9 weeks and can't stop spitting or vomitting. I can't swallow my saliva it feels as if it's 1000 degrees( sorry if I just grossed out the entire mamasource commu...


2 Year Old with Broken Leg ... Help?!?

L.R. asks from Chicago

Last night I received a phone call from my son's child care. Apparently he tripped and another little boy stepped on his leg. He wouldn't let anyone stand him up. I ...


Immediate Prescription Assistance

T.S. asks from Cincinnati

I am looking for anyone who can help or has ideas that might help. My grandma went to pick up her prescriptions this evening and was told she is no longer covered on ...


Advice/Suggestion On Baby Shower Gifts

E. asks from Dayton

Hi...My workplace is having a combined baby shower for three women who are expecting this spring. All three are having their first, all are having boys, and all have...


Anybody Who Can Answer My Questions

W.A. asks from Cincinnati

I have A 9 month old daughter and I want her off of the bottle she knows how to eat solid food's it's just she don't want them all she want's is the bootle I have tri...


Inspiration Needed

M.B. asks from Milwaukee

HELP...I need some words of inspiration. My husaband and I have been trying for #2 for over a year, with the exception of a few months. My beautiful son was totally...