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5 Days Late but Negative Pregnancy test...what Could Be Going On?

J.K. asks from Detroit

My period is over 5 days late and I've taken two home pregnancy tests...both negative. I have never missed a period in my life (other then being pregnant) so this is ...


Do Ovulation Kits Work?

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

Has anyone ever tried the "First Response One-Step Ovulation Predictor Test" or something similar? There is also the "Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor Test Sticks" bu...


Can I Be Pregnant After Testing So Many Times?

I.B. asks from Washington DC

I took like 15 pregnancy home tests since the june 20th to now and all of them turned negative "i have been using the first response tests" i had a blood test 10 days...


Took a Vicodin and Now Im Pregnant & Freaking Out!!

R.M. asks from Los Angeles

Yesterday I took a pregnancy test because I knew there was a slight chance that I could have gotten pregnant on the 9th or 10th of this month (would have had to ovula...


Correct Date of Ovulation

R.B. asks from Waterloo

my periods is irregular for some months now...sometimes 28-40 days for the next period. August it was on 8th. this time i got on sept 18th so when is my ovulating dat...


Angry with Unsupportive Husband

D.W. asks from Denver

I need help for a friend who had a VERY difficult pregnancy and didn't receive any help from her husband. Infact, he was mean, selfish and unsupportive. It has been 6...


How to Tell?

S.C. asks from Salt Lake City

I want to begin the "process" of getting pregnant again next month but my period hasn't returned from my last pregnancy. My children will be at least 18 months apart...


Daddy and Toddler Tantrums

C.P. asks from San Antonio

Lately it seems that I am dealing with more than my three year olds tantrums. My husband gets just as wound up about her behavior and is so quick to respond by sendi...


Feeling Confused and Scared Carrying Twins?

K.D. asks from Seattle

Hi all, this is my first posting tho I have been a member for a while. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and at my last Dr appointment (last Thursday)I was told I am ...


I Feel like My Son Is Bored with Me..

J.S. asks from Seattle

I am a SAHM to a 20 month old ( active) boy...he always wants to watch choo choo's( thomas the train)...i'm not a HUGE fan of the TV, but thats what keep him content....