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Giving Kids Benadryl to Sleep on Airplanes: Good Move or Needless Medicating?

Just read an interesting article on ( about whether or not it makes sense to give kids Benadryl for the sake of getting them to sleep on an airplane. I travel cross country with my young kids a lot and have never done this--though many friends have suggested that I do. Sure, sometimes my daughters have cried and maybe been disruptive to other passengers, but I never thought it warranted giving them un-necessary medication. What do you all think about this?

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Plugged up Ears OFTEN and Causing Discomfort. Benadryl and Nettle Not Working.

Hi all you parents out there! I have a question for myself here. My ears have been plugging up often ever since last May. I've taken benadryl, and the Organic allergen med called Nettle. Both are not relieving this at all. I don't know if this is allergies, or if it could be something else. My doc gave me meds for my nose, but to me, ignored my most main concern, and that is my ears. I still need to talk to my main doc about this, but now, I'm pregnant and I'm limited on what I can take. My ears are constantly plugging up. I had them...