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Question About HELLP Syndrome

J.L. asks from Dallas

I had HELLP syndrome with my son. Thankfully, it didn't get bad until 3 days after my due date so they did a C-section and all is well. I was wondering what the odd...


Pregnancy Induced Hypertension but Already Delivered

M.P. asks from Los Angeles

I started having high blood pressure readings off and on about two weeks before my baby was born. I had a baby boy 6 days ago. Today at my doctor's visit my blood p...


5 Months with Side/tummy Pains...

C.S. asks from Portland

I just started having some adominal pain on my right side. I just recently, last 2 weeks, just blew up. Is it just my legiments and tendons or is it something worse?


My Aching Hands!

L.C. asks from Dallas

So im at 35 weeks, and my hands, mainly knuckles, have become so stiff! Its hard to make a fist even! Im assuming it will go away after the birth, but wondering if ...


To Mothers Who Have or Had Preclampsia?

D.J. asks from Atlanta

I am so saddend today and need answers. My friend was pregnant, had a seizure (out of the blue) and died! She did not have any kind of brain disorder or sickness tha...


My Feet During Pregnancy

A.G. asks from Fresno

is it a symptom of pregnancy to have itchy feet and ankles?? ill be 32 wks on monday and my feet and ankles started to itch yesterday continuing to today. they are no...


Moms That Have Had HELLP

J.T. asks from Grand Rapids

I developed HELLP with my daughter (20 months old) and she was born via emergency C-section at 28 weeks. I just found out that I am pregnant again and am absolutely ...


Looking for OB GYN Recommendations

M.S. asks from Eugene

I just found out I'm pregnant and am looking for a good OB GYN. I live in Coburg but work in Albany. Any suggestions?


Postpartum Edema & ICP or Fatty Liver

V.C. asks from Washington DC

My sister delivered a healthy baby on June 6 after an emergency induction due to either Intrahepatic Cholestasis of Pregnancy (too much bile) or fatty liver disease o...



S.A. asks from Spokane

Im 38 weeks pregnant. My baby has only moved like once today. My stomach has stay hard all day too. I also woke up and had really really swollen gums. I brush my teet...