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My Feet During Pregnancy

A.G. asks from Fresno

is it a symptom of pregnancy to have itchy feet and ankles?? ill be 32 wks on monday and my feet and ankles started to itch yesterday continuing to today. they are no...


Pregnancy Workout??

S.R. asks from San Antonio

I just found out that baby #3 is on the way, and the recent years have been a struggle to lose the weight from the first and second pregnancies. I'm worried that wit...


Hypothyroid in Pregnancy

A.S. asks from Chicago

I'm a tensed to be mom, I am in the 10 week of pregnancy n I started to take meds for low thyroid at 9 week, is it late to start the meds and would it effect the bab...


Depression During Pregnancy

M.G. asks from Boston

Has anyone experienced depression during their pregnancy? My unborn baby's father left 2 months ago and what started as sadness has developed in depression. I am 8 ...


Pregnancy Heartburn

B.R. asks from York

I'm in my third trimester and having way more heartburn than I did with my last pregnancy. I get super-thirsty during the day and it seems like water not only doesn'...


Chiropractor During Pregnancy

J.K. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have a chiropractor they could reccomend in Plano. I have had really painful neck stiffness during this pregnancy and nothing seems to be helping. I was...


Pregnancy Belt

J.W. asks from Columbus

My Ob has requested a pregnancy belt since I am carrying so low and have had a previous complicated pregnancy. I have gotten the belt and feel that it is helping alo...


Pregnancy, Same Symptoms?

M.H. asks from Lima

I'm wondering for example if you're pregnant more than once & have the "same" symptoms with one like you did the last pregnancy, does that mean the baby is the same s...


"Royal Pregnancy"

B.D. asks from Pittsburgh

So I am reading the paper and the headline is "Rare Illness Complicates British Royal Pregnancy". I read the article and found that the "rare illness" is what they a...


Nursing Through Pregnancy

A.G. asks from Minneapolis

I have decided to nurse my 14 month old through my pregnancy and I am wondering if other mothers have done the same, and what their expierence was like? I also would...