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Switching from Formula to Milk

R.D. asks from Albany

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to switch over from formula to regular milk? thanks a million


Question About "Milk Substitutes"

R.M. asks from Fresno

I was wondering about soy milk, rice milk, and almond milk. Are these ok to give to an 11-month old? I know that it is said to not give cow's milk till 1 year or late...


10-Month-Old Allergic to Milk

C.M. asks from New York

Hi There, My 10-Month-Old is allergic to milk. Any advice on what I should try? Thanks!


Transitioning to Whole Milk

L.J. asks from Tampa

My son has been exclusively breastfed. He will be one next week so we are in the process of transitioning to whole milk. The problem is he hates the taste. I have ...


Milk Vs. Formula

D.B. asks from Beaumont

My 13 month old twins son will not drink milk. They only want formula. If I try to give them milk they just throw it down. When I do finally give in and give them ...


Won't Take Whole Milk

J.A. asks from Danville

My 11-month old daughter doesn't seem to like whole milk. I'm trying to switch her over and she doesn't seem to like it. We've trying warming the milk and tried it co...


Traveling with Infant on Whole Milk

L.M. asks from Seattle

I will be travelling with my almost 10 month old son by plane this coming weekend. His has been put on whole milk, and I'm wondering what the best way is to keep his...


Where to Find Goat's Milk?

R.K. asks from Detroit

My 12 m.o. is not digesting milk well, and it has become apparent he is/has been sensitive to milk products. We have been using soy for a few weeks with good results...


Can I Freeze Milk?

S.S. asks from Detroit

I am pretty sure the answer is yes, Milk can be frozen. I tried freezing a gallon of milk a few weeks ago. When I thawed it out it looked curdled. It smelled okay b...


12-Month-old on Whole Milk and Doesn't Care for It!

S.B. asks from Pittsburgh

I recently started my 12 month-old son on whole milk. I have nursed exclusively since he was born but am now ready to get him started on whole milk. We've only trid i...