Powdered Milk: South Beach

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Advice on SlimQuick Powdered Drink Mix or Any Other Diet Supplement

S.F. asks from Phoenix

Hello All, I am currently trying to lose 10-15 pounds and am having no luck. I recently got a personal trainer and I am now working out 3 times a week. (Along with c...


How Can I Add More Protein to My 4 1/2 Year Olds Diet?

A.P. asks from Austin

If it was up to my son, he'd live on bread, cereal, trail mix and PB&J. I've noticed that his behavior and overall attitude is calmer and much improved if he has more...


Needing Help on Ideas with New Diet

J.G. asks from San Antonio

Hi everyone I just started a new diet today where i am only allowed to have certain foods. I need help in finding ways to cook them following the diet since everythi...


Breakfast Ideas - Anything!

N.C. asks from Washington DC

We moved over the summer and my children have a new school routine. They now have to catch the bus at 7 am. I am in desperate need of suggestions for a quick but he...


I Need to Lose up to 30Lbs

N.L. asks from Orlando

I gave birth 3 months ago, andi have gained over 30ls, I am desparate and depressed, I need to lose weight, but i'm having hard time sticking to a diet, any ideas, su...


Suggestions on Weightloss

C.W. asks from Tallahassee

My husband and I have been talking about babies for a little while and his one consistent request is that I'm in shape for the pregnancy. I'm currently about 50-lbs ...


Healthy Breakfast

C.H. asks from Dallas

Hello mamas, My last request was for tips on losing weight. I Received some really great advise and I actually lost the 10 lbs that I wanted to lose just by doing a c...


Healthy Snacks

T.S. asks from Houston

Hi mamas... I am 5 weeks pregnant and I am finding myself STARVING in the morning hours. Once I eat lunch I seem to be fine for several hours. I have good high fib...


Need to Change Kiddos Diets for Behavior Problems (And Hubby Isn't Keen)

C.F. asks from Detroit

Hi, I have three boys, two of which have behavior problems and anxieties that we are addressing with discipline. And before I tell you everything, I want you to kno...


Breakfast Ideas

M.C. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I have an 18 month old daughter that attends a wonderful daycare, but they charge for their breakfast, on top of tuition. At first I thought sure I can mak...