Potty Training: Toddler, Resinol

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9 Month Old's Sore Bottom

My 9 month old has an extremely sore bottom. He is teething and has been having frequent bowel movements that are somewhat liquidy. Consequently he has been getting sore. The soreness is no longer just reddened, there are actually sores. It looks painful. :( I am looking for ANY suggestions. I have tried neosporin, baby powder, baby oil, zinc oxide ointment, bathing each time he poops. Diaper wipes seem to have made it exceedingly irritated. Thank you much....Jeannie


Severe Diaper Rash

Hi everyone. I have a problem. My son, who is 2 1/2 came home with this...

Complicating Factors

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Daughter's Stubborn Rash

My daughter has a stubborn rash on her bottom. It is on her cheeks and a little on the back of her upper thighs. We started putting Maalox/Aquafor goop on it, because it has helped in the past. It didn't so we started putting the steroid on it that the doctor had given us and said we could use for similar irritations. That didn't help so we took her in and were told to continue what we were doing. So we did and 10 days later it was a little worse so we took her back. This time we were told to continue again and that it was a diaper...