Potty Training: Preschooler, Aveeno

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Almost 3 Year Old Girl with Itchy Bottom

C.D. asks from Sioux Falls

Hello- I am the mother of an almost 3 year old girl that has been complaining about her bottom itching for 2 months now. It is right between her two butt cheeks g...


How Often Take a Bath for a 3 y.o. Going to Preschool Every Day??

Y.P. asks from Los Angeles

Hello, My kid at just over 3 years old is going to preschool every morning (8 - 12:30) Mon thru Fri. They do outside play including sand box, play gears etc. for abo...


Diaper Rash, Only It's Not!

C.S. asks from Dallas

I have been fighting a horrible rash on front and back of my 3 year old. You name it, I've tried it. Thing is, my sitter can keep her for two nights and almost make...


Diaper Rash Trouble

J.S. asks from Springfield

After 8 man years (mom years?) of dealing with diaper rash you'd think this wouldn't be a problem but here it is. 2 yo DD (who by the way flat out refuses to toi...


Toddler's Sensative Skin

J.S. asks from Chicago

Can a toddler be sensitive to perfumy products such as fabric softner? My 29 month old has broken out on her legs on the back upper thigh area and now I just spotted ...



S.F. asks from Los Angeles

My sister's daughter often gets a blistery rash in her private area. She is in pre-school . Does anyone have any suggestions . Sit baths have been tried but there h...


Follow-up to Rash on Inner Thighs - Taking Zyrtec??

L.G. asks from San Diego

I posted yesterday about my 2yr 5mo old daughter's rash between her legs. The Dr's only suggestion (that we haven't already done) was to give her 1 teasp Zyrtec 1xday...


Burning Her Bottom!!!

T.D. asks from Canton

My one year old has had really bad diapers lately. It seems like once or twice a day she explodes a diaper, which I change immediately, but where ever the bm touches ...


Bubble Bath Dangerous for Little Girls??

D.W. asks from Kansas City

My 17 month old daughter loves bubbles in her bath! My Mom told me when I was a baby (a few years ago:)) that she was told it causes infections for little girls priva...


Eczema and Chemicals

E.M. asks from Boston

Hi all, I have a 4.5 month old son with eczema and have been reading all the great suggestions regarding dietary changes and what soaps/creams to use. What I'm wond...